Our First House

Our first home my husband and I bought together was a condo. Even though we were "home-owners" it always felt weird saying "house" because it was a condo. Now we have our "house." I don't know if this will be our forever home but we really do love it here and I can't see us moving anytime soon. We love the city, the neighborhood and our house that we have made our home. 

I found our house after awhile of searching. I was and still do always check the active houses for sale in the neighborhood to see whats available and house values. My mom is a real estate agent so I had been brought up around remodel, rentals and the know-how of real estate.

To me, houses are more than just a place to sleep. They are expressions of one's own personality. For the function of the home, I am all for maximizing the use of each space. I don't like wasted space. When looking for our home, I did not want a flip house because I wanted to remodel and make it my own. My husband's main criteria for a house was that the finances worked within our budget and it was a close commute to work. Taking the budget into consideration I didn't want to pay for someone's flip and then rip it out to put more money into the house. I was looking for a dated house with good structural bones for remodeling potential. 

My mom always says when trying to find a house make your wishlist and top desires in a home.

My top wishlist for a house:

1. Lots of Natural light

2. Rambler ( no split levels) (no basements)

3. Open Floor Plan

3. Good neighborhood for Kids with Sidewalks

5. Vaulted Ceilings

6. Garage

7.. Good size lot & yard

8. Dated House with Good structural integrity

9. At least 2 bathrooms with Master Bath

10. Dream Wish- No Power Lines & View

The house we ended up on had everything on my wish list for a house and more great qualities although started out quite ulgy inside. The only thing not checked off was a view but I'm more than ok with that. Maybe the next house when we retire we will get the view.

When we went to look at the house a second time before putting in an offer, the neighborhood kids were driving their power wheel cars around the cul-de-sac. Seeing all the kids playing and the neighbors waiving to each passing car sealed the deal. This is the house that we wanted for our family. 

Here is a tour of our house prior to the remodel.  The front exterior of the house and family room are from the listing photos. I always forget to take before photos of projects that I start. I normally jump right in and during think to myself, I should have taken photos. 

You may be thinking to yourself, man that is one ugly house, and I would agree. My husband didn't even want to purchase the place because of the purple carpet and wallpaper. Thankfully, he trusts my judgement and vision for a home.

Stay tuned for our remodel series and the final reveal!