3 places to look for the best deals

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Save money and earn cash while you shop!

The biggest deal days of the year are coming soon. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are a few days away! I usually forget until the day of or realize that the deal day has already passed. I love deals! One of our family unwritten motto's is, "we never pay full price." I'm always hunting for a discount, free shipping and no tax or all three combined. I also do my research before buying any product even as small as what kind of milk we should buy. Good customer service and return/exchange policies are top on my list as well. Don't forget to shop the best deal days of the year for those holiday gifts. Here are the three places that I look to find the best deals. 

1. Ebates: Everytime I online shop I use Ebates.com because I can get a percentage of cash back on each purchase spent. I use it for everything,  shopping for clothes, online pick-up orders for Target, Nordstrom or Lowes. Ebates also has all the current promotion codes available, so you can earn cash back and get extra discounts! Shop through the desktop site or the app on your phone. Sign up with my link and get $10 after your first $25 shopping trip through Ebates. Double check when on the desktop site to shop through Ebates. Sometimes I open multiple tabs and forget to go back to Ebates.

2.  Target App: When shopping in stores, the Cartwheel app is great for extra discounts on food items, home, and apparel. Add each offer and show the barcode at checkout. For shopping online and in stores, the Target Red card is also great. It takes an extra 5% off everything, every transaction. I have the debit card. It's free and links to our bank account. I always try to save money on everyday purchases. 

3. Amazon: I love shopping at Amazon.com.  Sometimes its too easy! 2-day free shipping, access to hundreds of movies and there are always special deals with an Amazon Prime membership. Don't forget to check the Warehouse Deals. They are like new to used items up to 40% off. 

Happy Shopping! I hope this helps save you money and feel good about getting deals!

5 gifts for kids that create memories and won't clutter your home

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My goal this year is to simplify my home to be able to focus on my kids more and less time to pick up. I get overwhelmed with all the stuff that collects in our home especially the toys. After a recent vacation, I realized that my son doesn't really care about the abundance of toys and will not resent me for having limited toys. On our week-long trip, he brought only a hand full of little animal figures and a book. Guess what?! He wasn't bored and I wasn't overwhelmed. He loved to swim and play with those few toys way longer because he wasn't overstimulated by all the other stuff. After coming home from our trip I was convinced that I needed to consolidate the toys and try something different. The week away showed me spending time together created more meaningful and positive memories than the overload of toys. 

Coming into the gift-giving season of Christmas and birthdays, I wanted to have a list ready for family and friends who want to give a gift. Here is my list of gifts that won't add clutter to your house and can be an outlet for kiddos to expel all their energy. 

  1. Local zoo or aquarium pass. We live near Seattle and have a membership to the Woodland Park Zoo. We get a named membership for myself and a flex pass for my husband when we go as a family. It has been a great activity for both my husband and son for 'daddy dates' or what I call it 'give mama a break time.' Children under 3 are free. The flex pass is also great for grandparents and caretakers. 
  2. Activity gym classes- Gymboree Play & Music, Kindermusik or your local community Center classes are great for kids to learn and socialize. I recently enrolled my son in a parent/toddler gym class at our local recreation center. It gets us out of the house especially on those rainy days and he is learning to follow directions and take turns.
  3. Swim lessons - Most kids I know love to swim and the ones who don't love it are uncomfortable in the water. Swim lessons are great for an all year round activity.
  4. Museum pass - I have an art history degree and love museums. There are so many great museums out there that are great for the whole family.  Here are a few of my favorites in the Greater Seattle area. Imagine Childrens' Museum - The Flight Museum of Flight - For a complete list of museums in the Greater Seattle Area click HERE.
  5. Tickets - This category is endless and up to your imagination. Tickets to a movie, concert, play theme park. Get a single visit ticket to the zoo or class instead of a pass. My grandparents are snowbirds and spend their winters in California near Disneyland. All members of the family from my Granddaddy to the littlest cousin love to go to Disneyland and share the magical experience. Making memories together is the best gift. 


Bonus: All these gifts create lasting memories. Take a photo during the activity for keepsake and share with the gift-giver!