Maskcara Troubleshooting Tips

Maskcara Troubleshooting Tips

Maskcara Troubleshooting Tips

Maskcara Troubleshooting Tips

Hey there! I hope you are loving Maskcara as much as I do, but sometimes it takes a few trial and errors to get the hang of it. If you have been wanting to try Maskcara makeup but still need a little convincing, I hope these tips answer questions you may have. Or maybe you have been using Maskcara for a while but are experiencing new issues, I have some tips for you to try to get you back to loving Maskcara and feeling amazing!

Chances are it is a color issue or issue with your tools.

These are the most common troubles below. If you don’t see your problem shoot me a message HERE or connect with me on any of my social media platforms! I want to answer your questions and solve your problem.

The Foundation Is Not Blending Well

Most likely when the foundation creams don’t blend into your skin and look like second skin, it is because the highlight shade is either too light or two dark. When you can see underneath the highlight the color is too light. Try shading down a color.

The Highlight Seems To Be Enhancing Pores, Lines, or Creasing

Same as above, this is most likely a color issue. The highlight color should look like it melts into your skin and gives you an amazing glow. You don’t want to look like you are wearing makeup. If its not a color issue try using a damp perfector sponge to blend and smooth out the lines.

To get a smooth surface, exfoliate your skin at least once a week. I like Cure Natural Aqua Gel.

The Highlight Color is Washing you out.

This is a color issue. You want the highlight to brighten your skin not lighten. Create a glow without being ghostly. See the image below. There is that glow and brightness around her eyes, forehead and chin to draw you in to the focus areas eyes and lips.

The Highlight Looks Yellow

If the highlight looks yellow it is the wrong color. Maskcara highlight colors should look like second skin. The yellow undertone mimics the sun’s glow. Yellow in the highlight cancels out redness in the skin leaving the warm glow. If you have less redness, a highlight with less yellow is for you and vice versa.

The Contour Looks Orange, Ashy, Dirty or doesn’t show up

Try a different contour. If the contour is too orange try a cooler color like Ash or Indigo. If the contour is too Ashy or Dirty try a warmer tone like Stone or Astoria. If the contour doesn’t show up try a darker shade.

The Makeup Doesn’t Last All Day

To set your makeup all day use a setting spray. Maskcara’s Stay Setting Spray is great! Smells amazing too! It comes with or without SPF. No need to add sunscreen. Spritz Stay Outside Setting Spray in the morning and throughout the day if you want to reapply sunscreen.

The Finish is Too Luminous For Me

Set with a powder over your highlight color with Vanilla Dust Powder to create a matte finish.

The Makeup isn’t applying smoothly

When’s the last time you cleaned your brushes? Dirty brushes limit a smooth makeup application and soak up more product than you need resulting in wasted product. Clean you brushes weekly with RESTORE Brush Cleaner. Restore cleans and conditions your brushes to last.

Try these Tips

Try these solutions to the problems above. Most of the problems arise because the highlight shade or contour color isn’t quite right. Either the color is too light or too dark.

Before throwing in the towel and closing the chapter on Maskcara, I’d love to help you get the right colors. Maskcara has an amazing return and exchange policy. 30 days for full refund and 60 days for exchange of any product. Amazing, Right?! Try the makeup. Use it for a few weeks and if the colors are off, lets switch them for different colors!