Maskcara Beauty Rewards

Maskcara Party Rewards

In our family, we have a motto, we never pay full price. At times, we do pay full price but we try to find deals or rewards that give back to us through cash back or future cost benefit break down.

Did you know Maskcara Beauty has a rewards program?

Yes! Maskcara does has as rewards program! Maskcara calls their reward programs “parties”. You can call it whatever you like, “party, contour class, or rewards” but it all sums up to the same awesome benefit for you! Maskcara’s rewards program is similar to the direct sales party model but different. Rather than having to have an in person party, you can use the “party link” for your own purchases. The more you shop, the more rewards you earn. If you want to invite others to shop under your party link, feel free! But if you don’t want to, there is no pressure!

If there’s a discount or deal available, I want everyone to know about it! Why not earn free products when shopping anyways!? Yes please!

I’d love to open you a party to start earning those rewards!

If you don’t have a Maskcara Account, create one HERE.

Maskcara Party Perks

To start earning Maskcara Beauty Rewards and get all those deals, create a Maskcara account HERE.

Next send me a email or message on Instagram and I’ll make you that party ASAP!

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Breakdown of the Party Perks:

  • $200-$399 product sold, you get 10% in store credit and 1 item 50% off.

  • $400-$499 product sold, you get 12% in store credit and 2 items 50% off.

  • $500-$999 product sold, you get 15% in store credit and 3 items 50% off.

  • $1,000+ product sold, you get 20% in store credit and 4 items 50% off.