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3 Reasons I love Maskcara Makeup Brushes & 2 Must Have Brushes

Maskcara Beauty Brush Collection $175

Figuring out how to contour can be confusing especially when not sure what brush to use or how to use it.

What you put on your face (makeup) and with (makeup tools) what and how you put it on your face are all important aspects to take in to account. Quality is key. Crappy brushes can totally mess up the look and finish you are going for. It’s better to have one or two great makeup brushes rather than a whole lot of not so great brushes.

I love Maskcara Brushes for a 3 reasons.

1. The Maskcara Makeup Brushes are high quality. Maskcara warrantees the brushes for a full year. If anything goes wrong they will replace it for FREE! Now that's good customer service!

2. They are double ended and multi use! You get two awesome brushes for the price of one. They are designed for all types of makeup mediums. Cream, Powders, Liquid. All makeup!

Maskcara Beauty Buffy Brush

Maskcara Beauty Buffy Brush

3. Maskcara brushes are so soft and easy to clean. To maintain your brushes and keep them feeling new forever, clean at least once a week. I use Restore Brush Cleaner. As you can see in the photo, with regular cleaning your brushes will always look and feel new!

When’s the last time you cleaned your makeup brushes? Best brush cleaner- Restore

When’s the last time you cleaned your makeup brushes? Best brush cleaner- Restore

Here are the two brushes that are my go to and how I use each side with different product.

The B-Squared Brush is my favorite! It's so versatile and soft! I like using the smaller end to apply my highlight color. It picks up just the right amount of product and creates and airbrushed finish.

The Detail HAC Brush is my go to for contour. It's the perfect shape to apply contour right where it's supposed to go. There are so many uses with every brush. I love that Maskcara brushes can be used for creams, powders and liquid!


Stay Tuned for my break down of how I use the other Makscara Brushes.