My favorite cleaning product. Kid safe + Smells Amazing!

House to Home - Cleaning up

I love making a house a home. Best part about remodel is right after everything is done and clean. It's all perfect and new. Well as time goes on, especially with kiddos and a house full of boys, that pristine and new doesn’t last too long. One thing that comes along with keeping that house a home is the cleaning.

Non toxic Cleaning products Homage Essentials Pyoure cleaning

I actually enjoy cleaning, but picking up not so much? Anyone else feel me? Same with unloading the dishwasher but that is for another day. Cleaning to me can be an instant check mark off my list and a big breath of relaxation after its done. So what do I clean with you may ask?

I found my favorite cleaner a couple years ago and I’m forever hooked on it. My search for the right non-toxic cleaner that actually cleaned well began when we all got the norovirus. The dreaded sickness is terrible. Sorry if you have ever gotten it too. Any who, after we all got better I was on a mission to find a good cleaner that was also safe around kids. I’m real sensitive to smells. When I clean up and the house still doesn’t smell good, it just doesn’t feel clean. I spent a while on google searching different cleaners. I stumbled upon a website called The author is Dr Annie. An actual doctor, and she does experiments with different cleaners to see if they are actually effective.

After reading through all the products and seeing her experiments I decided to try one called Pyoure Cleaning, (now called Homage Essentials). A non-toxic cleaning concentrate with hydrogen peroxide. I was super skeptical but it had amazing reviews and fragrances that sounded like an Anthropologie Candle. We got a gallon size of cleaning concentrate so a friend and I decided to split it. We went with the fragrance “iced Pear.”

Non toxic Cleaning Homage Essentials Pyoure

Why I Decided to try Pyoure Cleaning (now Homage Essentials):

  • simple ingredients + hydrogen peroxide

  • non-toxic & eco friendly

  • kid safe

  • Dr. Annie rated it as an effective cleaner

Cleaner works amazing on every surface + Every Room

After getting the cleaner I started in the kitchen. I mixed up the cleaning concentrate with water in a dark spray bottle and got to work. I sprayed the kitchen sink and where ever I sprayed the solution began to foam. I learned later that was the hydrogen peroxide working to get all those germs. I try it next on my stainless steel appliances and it worked amazing! It got all the finger prints, grime and grease and I just wiped it away. I didn’t have to scrub or anything. The house started to smell so good that I keep cleaning and trying the product on everything in every room.

Less than $5 dollars a month to clean my house

The 1/2 gallon of cleaning concentrate I split with a friend lasted me from January to October. Breaking down the cost, I spent less than $5 a month for a product that cleaned my whole house! I didn’t have to buy any other cleaning products!

When I ran out I decided to try “White Tea & Ginger” and it is amazing! I took another leap and tried the laundry detergent in White Tea & Ginger too. Hands down the best! It also works as a carpet cleaner or all purpose spray when diluted with water.

Try Homage Essentials, cleaning concentrates for yourself. There is FREE shipping on every order and they have a 20% coupon off your first order when you sign up for newsletters.

The cleaning concentrate is so easy to use. I use these glass spray bottles that I get on amazon. Add concentrate to the bottle, fill the rest up with water and you have awesome All-purpose Cleaner. Homage Essentials ( formerly Pyoure Cleaning) smells so amazing. My favorite fragrances are Bergamot Waters, White Tea & Ginger and Japanese Cherry Blossom.

Stay tuned for the crazy thing I did when I heard my favorite cleaner company was going to close up shop…..