8 High Rise Styles You Don’t Want to Miss

8 High Rise Styles You Don't Want to Miss

High-Rise to stay to or go?

When I was younger, in my teens and through high school, I thought that low rise was what any girl or woman needed to be flattering. I tried to convince my mom that “low-rise” waist is what she needed too. in my naive mind I thought, '“the waist sits below any of those ‘more to love spots’ so it wouldn’t create that muffin top effect. Right? ? Man was I wrong!

Oh man was I so so wrong. Now as a mom myself, I want to wear all bottoms as high of a rise as I can get! Please give me all the “mom” jeans. A mid-rise or high-rise denim holds us mamas in and gives us support we want and need, so wear them proud. Plus, wearing high rise pants allow wear crop tops without letting everything be on display for the world.

My go out outfit is a pair of high rise denim, half tucked tee and some booties. I hope high-rise never goes out of style. But if they do, oh well.

Here’s a few of my favorite high-waisted denim, pants and lounge bottoms.

I wear my Levi’s 721 almost every day, when not in my high rise leggings!

  1. Levi’s 721 High Waist Skinny

  2. Levi’s Mile High Skinny

  3. Madewell 10” High Rise Skinny

  4. Levi Wedge Straight Leg

  5. Madewell Crop Wide Leg Pants

  6. Spanx Faux Leather Leggings

  7. Zella Live In Leggings

  8. Target Colsie Lounge Pant Black & Blue