I'd recommend Aura Highlight or Candlelit Highlight with Olive Contour.

 Cheek+ Lip colors are personal preferences. Choose the one that fits your style and makes you feel most beautiful. Frenchie, Nude and Hollywood are my favorites.

Illumiators also are a personal preference. Great to match with favorite blush: Pearl, Rose Gold &  Honey

Shadow is always great for contouring your nose. 

I usually recommend two highlight colors to brighten under the eyes and one for around the cheek and forehead.

If you would like a personal consult send me a message and we will figure out the perfect colors for you!


Please note: These are only recommendations and can not guarantee your match, but Maskcara does have a 30 day return policy so no need to worry.  I also offer a custom color match.  Please send me a picture taken in natural light to beautifullyoutnumbered@gmail.com for my personal recommendations.